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Want some of your keys copied? Whatever may be the need for key copies, the copies should be identical to the original. Making copies that have even slight deviations from the original will make your lock develop problems over a period because of the strain caused by the key copies that don’t fit well. Save your locks by ensuring that your key copies are perfect copies of the original key. Moreover, only an experienced company like our 24 Locksmiths Charleston SC which has a long experience in getting keys copied for people can do the job well. Hence, call us for making exact key copies.

Repairing mobile home locks – Use our expertise

Do you have mobile home locks needing repairs? These locks are different from the sturdy locks used for regular homes. Mobile home locks come in new designs and are of light weight. They need to be handled very carefully both when they are installed and when they are repaired. Inept handling of these locks by unskilled locksmiths will damage them beyond repair. Use the expertise of Elizabeth and Father Locks 24 hour locksmith Charleston South Carolina the lock experts right from the time of installing them. Furthermore, proper installation will prevent problems from developing. If these locks need any repairs, we will get them done by our expert technicians.

New locks installation – Don’t do it yourself & Call 24 Locksmiths Charleston SC

You may be good at doing mechanical jobs using tools. But installing a new lock is something you should not venture into. A lock is important for your safety and security. Don’t compromise it. Installing new locks involves taking care of certain important things like alignments, angles etc. Unless these are set right, the smooth functioning of your lock may be affected. Get the new locks installation done by Elizabeth and Father Locks Pro 24 Charleston SC who knows the intricacy of the job. Our skilled technicians have a long experience in installing and servicing locks. Indeed, their skilled hands will do a perfect installation of the locks.

Have re-keying jobs? Leave them to us

Re-keying is a sensitive job. It involves creating a new set of keys for a lock by making adjustments in the lock mechanism. Re-keying is usually done for security reasons. You may feel that your existing lock is not safe because a key is stolen or a duplicate key has been made without your knowledge. You want to use the the lock with a different set of keys. Re-keying has to be done in such a way that the lock is not weakened any way. In short, Elizabeth and Father Locks 24 Charleston SC will get your locks re-keyed using professional expertise. Call us for your re-keying needs.

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