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Does the job of making key copies need perfection? You find many locksmiths, both professional and amateur doing this so easily. Does it mean this is an easy job? No. Most of the people who make key copies cannot get you exact copies. Since the keys will seem to work, you may accept these key copies even though they may not fit the locks perfectly. But using such imperfect keys will have your locks damaged over a period. For getting your keys copied, take the help of experts like Elizabeth and Father Locks Charleston who will ensure perfection. Call us for exact key copies.

Fixing problems with your mobile home locks? – Use our expertise

Have you noticed that mobile home locks are different from conventional home locks? Companies that manufacture these locks make them look different in some ways. These locks are designed to have a good appearance and weigh less. These features make mobile home locks more vulnerable to getting broken easily. When the locks are handled by skilled people like Elizabeth and Father Locks Charleston, you can be sure that your mobile home locks will be handled appropriately. Since our technicians know the differences in the structure of these locks they will be careful even in using the right tools with these locks. Benefit from our expertise.

Don’t go for new locks installation without understanding their importance

When you want to get new locks for your homes or offices, you should pay attention to two factors. First is the quality of the locks you are buying. Unless you buy the best locks, you can’t expect the best performance from them. The second factor is how you install them. This factor is ignored by many people. When you buy expensive locks, you can’t get them installed in a casual way. Understand the importance of new locks installation before you decide to buy new locks. Engage the services Elizabeth and Father Locks Charleston for getting your new locks installed the way they should be.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Re-keying your locks? Ensure your locks are protected.

The purpose of re-keying is to save money on buying a new lock. When you feel that you can’t risk using a lock since one or more keys have been lost or stolen, you have two choices. You can buy a new lock or change the keys of the existing lock. When you choose the re-keying option, the lock should not be damaged during the process of re-keying. This can be ensured only re-keying is done by people like Elizabeth and Father Locks Charleston  who are experts in the job. We know how to re-key a lock. Call us at 843-410-0192 for your re-keying needs.

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