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Offering a 24/7 service has become a trend. Many companies offer their automotive locksmith services all through the day. But in many cases, the after business hour services will be limited. Some of the people offering these services will take your calls after business hours but will attend to your services only on the next business day Elizabeth and Father Locks Charleston SC is engaged in repairing locks. Normally, there may be no need for attending to lock repairs on an urgent basis. But we still offer a 24/7 service for serving those who may have emergences situations. Call our Charleston SC Locksmith any time and we will serve you.

Make your master key system serve you well

Some people who have installed a master key system have found that the system has become their master and they are unable to control it. This happens when a system is installed in a hurry without doing the homework. A master key system is a double edged weapon. If you know how to handle it, you will be the master. If you don’t know how to handle it, you will become a victim. Elizabeth and Father Locks Charleston SC will help you to make the best use of your master key system. We will take you by the hand right from the very first step.

Padlocks repairs are simple jobs but can become complicated

Repairing a padlock is not considered a difficult job. Any locksmith will offer to repair your padlocks. But when it comes to repairing a lock, perfection is the key. If the repair job is not done properly, the locks will continue to give you trouble. If you seek the help of Elizabeth and Father Locksmith Charleston SC for repairing your padlocks, you won’t have to worry. We will take the best care of your padlocks. Though padlocks are traditional locks, they have an intricate mechanism. When repairing a padlock, we look for other problems the lock may develop and make adjustments to ensure that they don’t arise.

Getting your keys radio-dispatched –Call Charleston SC Locksmith

Radio-dispatching is widely used as a tool of communication. But we have found an ingenious way to use this technology. When we at Elizabeth and Father Charleston SC Locksmith had to take your locks to our workshops for repairing, we wanted to make the process as fast as possible. We have set up mobile workshops so that the locks or keys can be taken to a workshop that will be proximate to your place. Secondly, we use radio-dispatching to speed up the process of delivering the locks and keys to your place. Calll us at 843-410-0192, if you like the idea of your keys getting radio-dispatched.

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