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Have problems with your transponder keys? We can fix the problems and make the keys function well. Since transponder keys are devices that work based on a software program, repairing them is not an easy job. You may not find many people offering to repair this kind of keys. They may advise you to get a new set of keys. But this need not be the case always. Repairing transponder keys is possible. But it can be done only by a few people like our locksmith in James Island SC in James Island SC who know how to take care of the electronic parts and fix the programming errors.

Problems with your window gates? Get the best service

If you have any problems with your window gates, will you give them the same attention you will give for problems with your main doors? If you are concerned about your security, you should. Don’t neglect minor repairs involving some bars getting broken etc. Unless you give priority to repair your window gates, you will be inviting security risks. Moreover, Elizabeth and Father James Island Locksmith will give you the best service to your window gates. We will identify the weaknesses in your window gates and eliminate them. A strong window gate is essential for your security. So, don’t weaken your security by not going for the best service.

Repairing magnetic locks – A sensitive job – Call Locksmith in James Island SC

Magnetic locks are sensitive. Mechanical locks can be set right by trial and error. But with magnetic locks, trial and error method will not work. Unless one knows how to repair magnetic locks, he shouldn’t touch them. A wrong approach may result in the lock getting stuck due to magnetic effects. For repairing your magnetic locks, trust Elizabeth and Father Locks in James Island SC who has the versatility to repair all kinds of locks. Furthermore, we have people who have the expertise to repair magnetic locks. They know the technology behind magnetic locks and understand what has caused the problem and how to fix it.

New locks installation – Why is this important?

Many people don’t understand the importance of installing new locks. They think that buying a good lock is good enough. Installation is the key (no pun intended!) to make your new locks work well. When a lock is installed, it has to be positioned properly by considering factors like alignment and angles. If the new locks installation is done by people who don’t understand these factors, the locks may not be positioned comfortably. This will lead to frequent problems. To ensure that your new locks are installed the right way, get the job done by Elizabeth and Father Locks in James Island SC. In short, call us at 843-410-0192

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