Some customer stories

” I have this double action bolt lock and something else on my door. It is almost unbreakable so you can imagine my level of panic when the key broke in the lock. A duplicate would not have helped me because now there was a piece of metal blocking they key. My favorite show as going to be playing in an hour. It was a total disaster.

If I don’t get to watch the new episode of “Suits” then my whole week can be ruined. When I say ruined I mean that nothing is going to get done.

I called in for an emergency locksmith. And he showed up so quickly and was able to get the broken key out even faster. That when it was all over I even had time to drop a deuce. It was a total bawler night and I got my favorite show.

I invited him for a beer but he was all professional and had other appointments.

My lock is a good a lock. There was an emergency and it was good that I had a number to call. Otherwise it would have been a ton of money to break through my door and rebuild the lock system. And we would have needed a bulldozer to break through my door.

My TV was expensive and I like to keep it safe while I am at work. ”

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