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Offering 24/7 Service for Safety and Convenience

Everyone has a different schedule nowadays, and if you’re like many people, you don’t have the standard “9 to 5” job. That’s why, at Reliable Locksmith in Charleston our professional locksmiths don’t have the typical 9 to 5 job either. We always have at least one professional on call so that we can offer you 24/7 service for emergencies, repairs, and whatever else you may need our locksmiths to come in and take care of for you. Have a locksmith issue?

Replacing and Opening Padlocks

Think about all of the different things that you use padlocks for in and around your home. You use them in order to keep items safe and stored away. In some cases, you may not open them that often, which can lead to them becoming difficult to open and get into. If you need help getting into something with a padlock, or you think that it may be time for you to replace whatever padlocks you are using on a regular basis, then you want to consider calling us at Best Locksmith in Charleston to help you out.

Window Gates Should Be Must For Homes

Anywhere you live in the world, we recommend you to completely tighten the security at residence. Window gates are must for every residential site. The window gates are known to be the big hype in security industry. Better styles of window gates have been introduced by the security brands around the world. Our firm has more than 10 styles of this device Elizabeth and Father Locksmith Charleston offers the installation service for minimal charges.

Key duplication – Understand the implications

Making copies of keys is a common requirement. A lock comes with a limited number of original keys. But after sometime, you may need key copies made either because one or more of the original keys have been lost or because you want different users to have their own keys. Only one key will fit a lock. Therefore, any additional key made should have a structure identical to the original key. Elizabeth and Father Car Locksmith have the skill and expertise for key duplication.

Get your safes and vaults opened quickly

It is no longer a time consuming job to have safes and vaults opened at your place. Elizabeth and Father Locksmith is the company you can trust to provide these works quickly to you. We are not just able to provide quick services to you, but we can do a very good job at it too! This is the reason why we are the preferred service providers for a number of clients. All your works will be handled by professionals that are trained on job. So you can be assured of getting quick access to safes and vaults!

Need a 24/7 service that will help fulfill all your requirements? Call us right away

When it comes to your security, there should not be any compromise. If at all you feel your security features are giving in or there is an emergency staring down at you, think of us. Elizabeth and Father 24 Hour Locksmith Charleston SC is one service provider that can guarantee you a 24/7 service, in tune with your requirements and budget.

Delivery Of House and Car Lockout Services Is Made Through Radio Dispatched Vans

How are you able to reach so quickly at our address in a car or house lockout situation? It is the most commonly asked question of our customers. We are going to reveal the big secret behind the delivery of highly efficient house and car lockout services. Being well established has allowed us to purchase more than 25 radio dispatched vans. All kinds of equipments are placed inside the van. These vans move in different zones of the city.

" I have this double action bolt lock and something else on my door. It is almost unbreakable so you can imagine my level of panic when the key broke in the lock. A duplicate would not have helped me because now there was a piece of metal blocking they key. My favorite show as going to be playing in an hour. It was a total disaster.

If I don't get to watch the new episode of “Suits” then my whole week can be ruined. When I say ruined  I mean that nothing is going to get done.  

0-15 Minutes Charleston Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency locksmith calls. We operate a fleet of mobile locksmith workshops that can arrive at any destination in the Charleston area within 15 minutes. Your call will be answered quickly by a specially trained operator and then relayed to an available radio dispatched technician close to your location. All our vans are GPS equipped and our technicians live and work in the area, they are familiar with all the streets and back roads of Charleston.

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